Thriller - Film Noir



A suicidal young woman steals from her drug-dealer boss to pay off debts owed by the beautiful, but equally troubled woman with whom she is having an obsessive affair.




THE LOW END THEORY tells the story of RAQUEL CAMACHO, a young military veteran who dreams of becoming a hip-hop producer/beat-maker, but has found herself in a rut laundering money for a dangerous drug dealer named ULYSSES. Moreover, she's in a loveless relationship with Ulysses’ sister, GISELLE, a pill-addicted woman 20 years her senior. 


Raquel has come to this point in her life because of a troubled past.  Whereas many veterans suffer from combat-related PTSD, Raquel’s emotional scars derive from being raped by her commanding officer.  While recovering from a suicide attempt, Raquel meets her future partner Giselle at the VA hospital, where she works as a nurse.  After entering into a relationship founded more on gratitude and safety than love, Raquel is introduced by Giselle to her brother, Ulysses, who hires Raquel in his money laundering operation. 


But all of that is thrown into chaos when Raquel meets a beautiful singer named VERONICA, who’s recently moved to town. They bond over music, and Raquel begins to date Veronica behind Giselle’s back. It isn’t long before Raquel falls madly in love.  


However, one day Veronica shows up beaten to a pulp—broken fingers, busted up face. Veronica admits that she’s on the run from some very bad people she owes money to. They’ve tracked her down, and now she has no choice but to go on the run again unless she comes up with $75,000 in three days.


But Raquel has a dangerous solution.  As Ulysses’ money handler, she spends her days depositing cash in quantities under $10,000, so as not to trigger any government flags. She usually carries around $90,000 in a backpack while making deposits. Raquel decides to tell Ulysses she was robbed. After all, thieves are always trying to rob the stash houses. 


At first, Ulysses believes Raquel. But it’s not long before his men begin poking holes in her tale. Moreover, Veronica’s story about who she is and why she’s on the run also begins to fall apart as the screws tighten and Raquel’s life begins to crumble around her—again.


She now faces a terrible choice—continue to steal ever greater sums of money from her violent and psychopathic boss, or sacrifice her newfound love and fall back into the darkness that nearly killed her.

The Low End Theory